Monday, March 21, 2011

2nd Challenge & Write Hope news

~First of all~
Have you visited Write Hope?
Why the heck not??
These items are up for bid now:

  • A signed copy of XVI by Julia Karr
  • A 30 minute Skype chat with Meredith Barnes
  • A signed copy of The Reinvention of Edison Thomas by Jacqueline Houtman
  • A 20 page critique from author Rae Carson
  • A pre-order of Bad Taste in Boys and 20 page critique from Carrie Harris
  • A signed copy of Losing Faith by Denise Jaden
  • A signed copy of If I Stay and ARC of Where She Went by Gayle Forman
Much More To Come!

~Second of all~

It's time for the Second Crusade Challenge!!
So, in 100 words or less (you're keeeeling me Rach!) we are to write a flash fiction story starting with the words, "The goldfish bowl teetered". For even more of a challenge, write it in the genre you write.
Hmmm, so here is my Paranormal flash fiction starring a goldfish!

The goldfish bowl teetered on the edge of the counter. Light flashed inside, casting warbled light on the walls.
"Creepy carny guy gave me a radioactive fish!" I yelled, ducking. I heard a strange whine then a loud pop,  glass shards & water sprayed the kitchen. I peeked around the corner & gasped. A hot, yet very naked, guy replaced the fish. He blinked at the water dripping from his dark hair. "What the hell?" he mouthed before noticing me. He startled and grabbed the glass fruit bowl next to him, oranges bounced at my feet.
I smiled & wondered if I should tell him the bowl just magnified & distorted.
"Hi," I said instead. "I named you Ariel, I'm guessing that'll never do."

Whatever! HIS name could be Skidmark and I bet no one would care!

Thank you CW's Smallville for casting hot guys
and someone named cherryvamp over at Photobucket for the pic!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Today when I think of Japan the image that comes to mind is not of its majestic snow capped mountains, luscious vegetation, sprawling metropolis or sweeping coastline.

Not even cherry blossoms come instantly to mind.

What I see when I think of Japan are images that would put the movie 2012 to shame.

Because that is what the citizens of Japan are living in right now.

Devastation of apocalyptic proportions.

  • 8.9 magnitude quake
  • 5th largest quake recorded
  • 2,414 confirmed dead
  • 10,000 estimated death toll
  • 2 people found alive in rubble
  • 5 million with out power
  • 76,000 buildings destroyed
  • 9.8 inches the Earth was thrown off axis
  • 7.8 feet Japan was shifted

As I watched the events unfold in awe struck horror a growing pain of sympathy and helplessness over came me. I was overwhelmed. This was impossible! How can they ever come back? It keeps getting worse!

The tidbits of hope the news gave was hardly enough to sustain me when in the next breath more bad news flooded in like the tide that washed a thousand bodies on shore.

Then the obviously more brilliant ladies of my critique group came up with a plan while I walked around in a stupor. They created WRITE HOPE.

"Welcome to Write Hope! We're an international group of Kidlit writers with a connection to Japan. Some of us have lived there. Some of us speak the language. Some of us love the culture. Some of us simply think Japan is exotic and mysterious.

The land of the rising sun and cherry blossoms in spring.

These last few days one thing that binds us above all is our mutual horror at the disasters striking Japan - from earthquakes to tsunamis to nuclear meltdowns.

We want to do our bit to help. To that end we have formed Write Hope. We're busy preparing everything now and over the next few weeks we plan to auction kidlit books, critiques, and other prizes for donation to the relief fund of our chosen charity Save the Children. "

Genius, right? Donations have already been coming in and it looks like the wonderful community of kidlit writers are wanting to do their part in helping. You guys are all so cool!

This is Nozomi, she is Write Hope's Mascot.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I, Amanda M. Milner, have never been and hopefully will not soon be DEAD.
This is merely a blogfest people.
If it seems a touch morbid, that's because it is.
We're all a little twisted around here.

On to the delusional doom.

I would be ok if HE was my Reaper! ;)

To: Mom, Dad, siblings, friends, grandparents and the additional masses that are my family,

If you're reading this then I am probably dead. No mom and dad, this is NOT a suicide letter.

I WISH this was under my control.

It started a week ago with a headache. Actually, a headache seems too tame of a word for what I've been having. It was more like a brain bomb. BAM! Out of no where. The first time I screamed out in pain and fell into a bush on the way to school. Unfortunately a school bus of little ninth grade twits went by at the same moment and they seemed to get a kick out of my agony. Sorry, I'm getting a little off track.

But I swear I'm gonna haunt those jerks!  

Anyway, a bright light flashed in front of my eyes and then the pain was gone. It freaked me out and the rest of the day I flinched at the slightest twinge of pain but it didn't come back.

Until the next morning.

Same thing, BAM, headache, flash of light. But this time I saw something in the light. A shadow of a figure. It lasted a little longer then vanished without a trace of pain for the rest of that day.

But the next day...same time, same horrific pain, flashing light and the figure. This time I saw the figure moving, everything was blurry, like when I just wake up and my eyes refuse to focus. I felt this intense anxiety because even though I wanted the pain to stop I also knew I needed more time to figure out who this figure was. I KNEW I needed to find out soon.

The next morning I got my wish for longer and I WANTED. TO. DIE. I apologize because I am sure the neighbors think your daughter is bat shit crazy mom and dad. The figure moved about like a uber old black and white reel movie. The light flashed over and over, each time showing a little more. The person was outside, by a street, haunched over and stumbling.

Day five. Thank God for Saturday. I knew where the figure, the person, was. It was the same street I was having these visions. The person was stumbling, hands over his or her ears, falling into the street as a car stops inches from him or her. Then he/she jumps up and walks Right. In. Front. Of. A. Bus. Not just any bus, THE bus. I watched the bus slam into this person and send him/her flying.

Day six. And I thought the other head bombs hurt. I can't be sure but I think I screamed 'stop'
the whole time. It wasn't a flashing light. It was clear. Sound and all. Like watching the most intensely painful movie EVER. I knew instantly as I watched this 'person' walking cautiously down my sidewalk who SHE was. I recognized everything. The sights, sound and even smells. It was like I was there walking behind her. When she grabbed her head and screamed a chill went down my spine and flinched like I felt her pain on top of what I was feeling then. I tried to yell for her to Watch out! as she stumbled into the street and the car screeched and honked. But no sound came out. I tried to run to her when I heard the bus and a kid yell "freak" out of his window. But my feet wouldn't move. I wanted to close my eyes. But they wouldn't close. Right before the bus hit a light flashed and I was in front of her. And I watched as MY face reacted to the bus barreling down on ME. As MY body flew through the air and came crashing down in a crumpled, lifeless heap.
It was ME.

And tomorrow is Monday. I've always hated Mondays.

So I wanted to tell you what happened and say that I love you all and I'm sorry.

Oh, and please don't forget about Freckles my hamster. He eats twice a day and likes the occasional Cheetos.


OMG! OMG! I am SO sorry!
I forgot I had this set up to post on Monday after school if I didn't come home.
My bad!
Yea, I just stayed home sick.
I had the headache and I understood why dead me flipped out.
It was just the scene of me getting hit over and over.
Seriously sucked.
But since I was in bed instead of stupidly walking to school...
No bus.
So....yeeeaaaa, never mind all that and if you all wouldn't mind not sending me to the loony bin I would be totally grateful.
Thanks! ☺

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! please?

Seriously, who wouldn't want this??
Ok, stop all the salivating, it's seeping in between the keys of your laptop!
Save the mother board!

So I have a bad case of the gimmes.
I may have a slight addiction.
Amazon LOVES me.
My bookcase has a few choice words for me as it groans under the weight of my increasing stack of books.
Today I finished

Started book two in the Hex Hall trilogy

Both are recommended reads though I will admit to being partial to Rachel Hawkins Hex Hall books because I adore Sophie's (the main character) humor. ☺ To say life has thrown her a few punches is putting it very lightly but she doesn't cease with the sarcastic remarks and I love that!
Violet, in The Body Finde,r has been socked a few good ones as well and she takes it in stride. But her main source of humor is with Jay her best friend and love interest. Yes, he is very lovely. ;) Oh and Violet lives in the Pacific Northwest!
Yay! Pacific Northwester here!
Also, I recently read

Yea I know it is one of the five I can win but mine isn't signed. :(
Let me just say if this book was a movie I would have been on the edge of my seat the whole time.
I probably would have fallen on my duff a few times too!
When it ended I would have thrown my popcorn and cried.
Instead I flipped the last page over a few times hoping each time words would magically appear on the flip side.
They didn't.
I pouted.
So I stalked tweeted Beth Revis hoping beyond hope there was a book two in the works.
There is!
Hurry Beth, hurry.
Ok, back to Sophie and her awesome snarky remarks.
Goodnight everyone.
P.S. Feed my addiction people, what are your favorite reads. What books have you purchased recently? Is your TBR pile growing faster than you can read too??

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm a liar and people still reward me. PART TWO

So Monday I revealed my lie
I planned on doing a combo post for the blogger awards
as always I ran long
I cut my post, er, short.
Here is

Part Two:
I have absolutely no idea what this is implying but I like it!
I'm giving it a thumbs up like retro dude up there.
Susan Fields gifted me this lovely award. I think you should totally visit Susan Fields' blog and commend her on her awesome deductive skills because she was the ONLY ONE to guess MY LIE!
Check here if you haven't read my post
where I hid a lie
and see why this impresses me.
I'm not trying to BLOVIATE (heehee) or anything but I thought my lie was quite well hidden!
I was going to wait for the ok from Susan but the new vitamins I took today have made me restless and impatient, in a totally good way. Lol! Heck, I am raring to go, I'm rarely raring anything.

By the power I bestowed upon myself,
I now dub,
Susan Fields,


This may or may not be an actual photo of Susan.

So I think how this goes is I gift this to other deserving bloggers.


Alison was on Susan's list for this award as well, so obviously she is double special.
Heather Hellman at Pen, Paper, Lots of Coffee
Cleveland Dietz at Everything in a Second
Laura Moss at laurajmoss.com


Patricia Timms at Simplicity in Volumes
Kim Mullican at Altruism in Writing


Rachael Harrie at Rach Writes

I just have to say there are SO MANY really cool bloggers out there who I'd love to bestow awards upon but, I'm freakin' tired and my right eye is starting to twitch, so wrap this up I must.
(ahem, Yoda reference)

7 Things about AMANDA
You guys are just gluttons for punishment aren't you? ;)

  1. I am half Mexican and can barely count to ten in Spanish. I took French in high school instead of trying to learn my "native tongue".
  2. I took two years of French in high school and can't even count to ten in French. (Foreign Languages might not be my strong suit.)
  3. I have my nose pierced. The jewel fell out of the cheapy ring ages ago and I haven't changed it because this is the 5th time it's happened & it hurts like a son-of-a-b**ch to take it out. Lol! I think I heal really fast!
  4. I've had stitches four times. I have the cool scars to show for it. One under my right eyebrow from when my babysitter tried dragging me around the house on a blanket and I fell off into the corner of the wall. One on my right knee when I decided to ride my bike with my coat tied around my waist and the sleeve caught in the spoke and I TOTALLY flipped over the handle bars & took the flesh off my knee cap nearly to the bone. It was super funky looking! Then two on my right shin when I was making a tree house with my sis and friend, we used an upside down aquarium for a stair, do you see where this is going? I stepped on our "stair" and my leg went straight through. We tried to doctor me up ourselves with toilet paper and Vaseline. My poop mother walked in on a very disturbing scene. Man, the right side has taken some serious abuse!
  5. I have a tattoo on my left shoulder blade. It's in Hebrew, it says "Eternal Grace for the Immortal Soul" and I will never ask someone who speaks Hebrew if I translated it right because I really do NOT want to know if I didn't. Tattoos are kinda permanent. Sorry, it's red and sore looking because it was red and sore. ;) I had just got it done when the pic was taken.
    6.   I suffer from a bizarre condition called sleep paralysis. When people fall into REM sleep a chemical is released to paralyze them so they don't act out their dreams. Sleep walkers do not always produce this chemical. What happens to people who suffer from sleep paralysis is during this cycle their mind wakes up but they are completely unable to move. Not only that but when in REM sleep your breathing and heart rate is slowed so when you start to panic it feels like you're suffocating. This is on top of the ridiculously vivid hallucinations. This happens to me a lot but the hallucinations fool me almost every time. Hmm, maybe I should make regular blog posts about my freaky and funny (AFTER THE FACT) episodes. ;)
    7.    I've always heard voices. Ever since childhood. At first I figured my stuffed animals were talking to me. We had lovely conversations. Then of course it was ghosts. I heard children calling out for me from outside my window at night. My parents seemed very uncomfortable about these revelations. My childhood friend said it was her coming to visit when she had out-of-body-experiences. (We all be crazy in these here parts!) Then we (mother and I) started to wonder if I just might be picking up radio frequencies. Lol! Finally I went in for a CAT Scan but it was "normal". 0.o Though the doc thought I was far from normal. I was fine with the voices, I was never bored. I've always loved writing but it took until adulthood to realize the voices were simply characters that wanted their story told!

Now that I've TMI'd you guys to death
please don't come after me with
a giant butterfly net!