About Me

WARNING: I write too much, this may be long.

I'm no one special, just a writer pursuing the dream of writers everywhere: publication. Actually that is not entirely accurate. Yes, I would Love (yes a capital L) to see my book in print, but I dream of people loving my characters as much as I do even more. Preferably ridiculous amounts of people but I would take a decent cult following.;-) But enough riding my pipe dream for now. Who am I? Hmm.
Amanda (I decided to now refer to myself in third person because I thought it sounded fun. Amanda is all about the fun.) has been writing since grade school. In third grade she wrote an eighty page story after given a prompt, she had to add seventy-nine pages of her own wide-ruled paper but this, to her, was an epic story that had to be told. Tragically the teacher's head imploded from the copious amounts of grammar and punctuation errors. But young Amanda wasn't swayed. She existed within her vivid imagination and seemed to encounter countless bizarre and paranormal situations. Each encounter warranted a lengthy and animated re-telling. Unfortunately this caused her parents to be in a perpetual state of- 0.0.
As a teenager the gift of storytelling proved quite useful in getting out of sticky, teenage-like dilemmas. At nineteen this gift landed her a husband. Haha! Joking. But being young and cute her personality was more quirky and endearing rather than just plain weird. By age twenty Amanda decided it would be fun to rapidly produce small boys. By age twenty five she had three boys, her infant niece and friend's toddler in her charge during the weekday. And two of her boys thought sleeping was for wimps. Amanda's brain turned to mooshy tapioca, the store brand kind. Creativity retreated to her deep, dark subconscious to reek havoc on her dreams causing her to be in a state of- 0.o every morning.
It was two things that brought creativity back to Amanda. Her youngest finally attending school full time and...wait for it...Twilight. Yes, Twilight. Have to give credit where credit is due. It was the first novel Amanda read in years (seriously, what a loser) and she found herself able to suspend disbelief and become completely immersed in the world of sparkly, vegetarian vampires with great hair. Though, she claims to be Team Jacob-0.o When she learned Stephenie Meyer was a mom of three boys and Twilight was her first book all the voices that were muffled by store brand tapioca moosh came screaming back. Before, Amanda endured the voices’ echoing throughout her mind, never knowing what they wanted. Now it was clear. They wanted their story told. And there are a lot of voices. Now she spends her days doing what the voices in her head tell her to do. Thankfully the voices don't seem to posses any homicidal tendencies. Yet.
What the voices do posses is a SUPERnatural element to each of them. While Amanda will wholeheartedly agree that truth is very strange she argues that it can't possibly compete with the minds of writers. Especially writers of YA Paranormal/Sci Fi/ Fantasy/ and/or Dystopia. She claims they are a unique group of individuals that she is proud to be a part of. She states, with the deepest of affection, they are off-the-wall, goofy, twisted, dark, sarcastic, funny grown-up kids. As close to insanity as sane can be. She feels right at home with them.
Okay Amanda, er, I mean, I’m back. That was kind of fun, for me at least. If you, the reader, are still with me you deserve a reward of some kind. *looks around* But sadly I am just a simple writer with a new blog and no influence. All I can offer you is this:
*clears throat*
~I love You.~
Lol! What a horrible gift! Blech, love, who needs it. (yeeeaa, all my characters have love interests) How about some pictures?? Not of me of course, that wouldn’t be nice.
Just pretty scenery:-)

Field behind my kids' school.
~Purdy rainbow~

Overlooking our valley, on the north side.

My street:-)

Awesome clouds.
I love taking pics from this spot. I pass it on my way home from dropping off my kids at school.

River near our house. It was freezing, that is steam coming off of it.

Beautiful Lake Wenatchee.

Now I'm sure, if you have lasted with me this far, you may be thinking that I am simply showing off. To that I would say: P-shaw! If I wanted to show off I would post pictures of my kids and rub their cuteness in everyone's faces. This is just me SHARING the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. There is a difference.