Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! please?

Seriously, who wouldn't want this??
Ok, stop all the salivating, it's seeping in between the keys of your laptop!
Save the mother board!

So I have a bad case of the gimmes.
I may have a slight addiction.
Amazon LOVES me.
My bookcase has a few choice words for me as it groans under the weight of my increasing stack of books.
Today I finished

Started book two in the Hex Hall trilogy

Both are recommended reads though I will admit to being partial to Rachel Hawkins Hex Hall books because I adore Sophie's (the main character) humor. ☺ To say life has thrown her a few punches is putting it very lightly but she doesn't cease with the sarcastic remarks and I love that!
Violet, in The Body Finde,r has been socked a few good ones as well and she takes it in stride. But her main source of humor is with Jay her best friend and love interest. Yes, he is very lovely. ;) Oh and Violet lives in the Pacific Northwest!
Yay! Pacific Northwester here!
Also, I recently read

Yea I know it is one of the five I can win but mine isn't signed. :(
Let me just say if this book was a movie I would have been on the edge of my seat the whole time.
I probably would have fallen on my duff a few times too!
When it ended I would have thrown my popcorn and cried.
Instead I flipped the last page over a few times hoping each time words would magically appear on the flip side.
They didn't.
I pouted.
So I stalked tweeted Beth Revis hoping beyond hope there was a book two in the works.
There is!
Hurry Beth, hurry.
Ok, back to Sophie and her awesome snarky remarks.
Goodnight everyone.
P.S. Feed my addiction people, what are your favorite reads. What books have you purchased recently? Is your TBR pile growing faster than you can read too??


  1. I'm starting HEX HALL (so excited!) as soon as I finish my current read DEAD WITCH WALKING by Kim Harrison. I lurve it!

    I might have to break down and get ACROSS THE UNIVERSE too, although my pocket book is a bit light...

  2. My to-read pile is ALWAYS growing bigger...too bad I don't have enough time to read to catch up.

    Recent reads: Across the Universe, Anna and the French Kiss, Brightly Woven, and Save the Cat.

    Coming up: Delirium, Glimmerglass, and hopefully Hex Hall :)

    Thanks for the post!

  3. Kari~ Ooh, I'm curious about Dead Witch Walking! I will have to check that out. ☺ So I just finished Demon Glass...OMG! I can't wait for the next one, you will love Hex Hall! So good. I hear you about the pocket book...
    Michelle~ LOVED Anna and the French Kiss! Delirium and Glimmerglass are on my to read pile too. ☺ Read Hex Hall. It's funny!

  4. Oh I really want to read The Body Finder. I haven't gotten around to it yet(my TBR pile is pretty scary-high right now, lol!)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  5. There is a book three in the works for Beth too. I can get you a signed copy if you want. She's my crit partner.

    Love the books you have read. I had spine surgery so I haven't been reading like I should. But as I get better, I've just gotta read THE BODY FINDER. Nice post. Following you back. :)

  6. Ooo! Pretty books. I need more for my mountain of TBRs. MORE MORE! lol

  7. @Angela~ I know! Aack! So many books so little time. I have guilt, my poor book pile. ;)
    @Robyn~ Beth created such an intricate world and I'm excited to explore it further!
    ☺☺☺ I would LOVE an autographed copy! ☺☺☺ I don't have any autographed books, is that sad? lol! I think having spinal surgery is a VERY acceptable reason for getting behind on EVERYTHING. Ouch. Feel better soon! ☺
    @M Pax~ Right?! Soooo Purdiful. ;) They'd really bring some color and glamor to my stack of books. Lol!