Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So for our first challenge we have been given the prompt "The door swung open" to begin our 200 word or less flash fiction or poem. For an added challenge we can end it with "The door swung shut" and stop at 200 words exactly.
I've decided to try my hand at poetry and stick with the theme that is my life. ;) Heck, I already over used the life as a road analogy why not abuse the doors and windows in your life analogy??
For more info on this challenge and upcoming challenges check out The Campaign at Rach Writes. If you didn't sign up to be a Campaigner you can still participate in the challenges but just won't be eligible for prizes.

OK, on to my poem.
Please forgive me, I don't write poetry so this is going to be rough.
Feel free to make fun of my attempt at rhyming. ;)

The Door

The door swung open
and I peered inside,
fearing what it may be.

A world,
another realm,
dark and foreign
with strange voices calling to me.

I stepped upon the threshold,
to balance amid two worlds,
to hope for bold.

Yet it didn't come.

Instead I longed for comfort
of the world
that crumpled behind me
and feared the world
so new
stretched far as my eyes could see.

"What trepidation is this?"
The voices asked.
"To dread the thrill
of adventure's deep kiss.

No more looking back
the world you knew
has turned to black,
it no longer exists for you."

The voices spoke truth,
for in my heart
I already knew.

With a deep breath in
I stepped into the world
and it caught when I felt myself fallin'
but when I opened my eyes
I was flying not falling
and a new life unfurled.

"This is your home now
make of it as you desire,
only you can make your fear bow,"
They said.
"We only ask that you soar higher."

I nodded, not asking why
I knew they were right, but
I needed to say goodbye.
As I turned around

The door swung shut.

Aha! 199 words!

Friday, September 2, 2011


I'm still fairly new to this blogging thing and have been learning as I go.
I was wondering what is the best way to respond to comments on my blog?
Or, better yet, how would you prefer I respond to your comments?
I've been responding in my own comment section because that seems to be the most popular way but I know that I don't always go back to a post I've commented on so I know a lot of people probably will never see my response.
Which is fine but sometimes you guys say something really cool and I want to make sure you know I read it and liked it.
should I go to your blog and respond in YOUR comment section to something you wrote in mine?
Should I send you an email response?
Maybe message you on Twitter?
As you can see I'm a lost newbie blogger! Lol!