Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm a liar and people still reward me. PART TWO

So Monday I revealed my lie
I planned on doing a combo post for the blogger awards
as always I ran long
I cut my post, er, short.
Here is

Part Two:
I have absolutely no idea what this is implying but I like it!
I'm giving it a thumbs up like retro dude up there.
Susan Fields gifted me this lovely award. I think you should totally visit Susan Fields' blog and commend her on her awesome deductive skills because she was the ONLY ONE to guess MY LIE!
Check here if you haven't read my post
where I hid a lie
and see why this impresses me.
I'm not trying to BLOVIATE (heehee) or anything but I thought my lie was quite well hidden!
I was going to wait for the ok from Susan but the new vitamins I took today have made me restless and impatient, in a totally good way. Lol! Heck, I am raring to go, I'm rarely raring anything.

By the power I bestowed upon myself,
I now dub,
Susan Fields,


This may or may not be an actual photo of Susan.

So I think how this goes is I gift this to other deserving bloggers.


Alison was on Susan's list for this award as well, so obviously she is double special.
Heather Hellman at Pen, Paper, Lots of Coffee
Cleveland Dietz at Everything in a Second
Laura Moss at laurajmoss.com


Patricia Timms at Simplicity in Volumes
Kim Mullican at Altruism in Writing


Rachael Harrie at Rach Writes

I just have to say there are SO MANY really cool bloggers out there who I'd love to bestow awards upon but, I'm freakin' tired and my right eye is starting to twitch, so wrap this up I must.
(ahem, Yoda reference)

7 Things about AMANDA
You guys are just gluttons for punishment aren't you? ;)

  1. I am half Mexican and can barely count to ten in Spanish. I took French in high school instead of trying to learn my "native tongue".
  2. I took two years of French in high school and can't even count to ten in French. (Foreign Languages might not be my strong suit.)
  3. I have my nose pierced. The jewel fell out of the cheapy ring ages ago and I haven't changed it because this is the 5th time it's happened & it hurts like a son-of-a-b**ch to take it out. Lol! I think I heal really fast!
  4. I've had stitches four times. I have the cool scars to show for it. One under my right eyebrow from when my babysitter tried dragging me around the house on a blanket and I fell off into the corner of the wall. One on my right knee when I decided to ride my bike with my coat tied around my waist and the sleeve caught in the spoke and I TOTALLY flipped over the handle bars & took the flesh off my knee cap nearly to the bone. It was super funky looking! Then two on my right shin when I was making a tree house with my sis and friend, we used an upside down aquarium for a stair, do you see where this is going? I stepped on our "stair" and my leg went straight through. We tried to doctor me up ourselves with toilet paper and Vaseline. My poop mother walked in on a very disturbing scene. Man, the right side has taken some serious abuse!
  5. I have a tattoo on my left shoulder blade. It's in Hebrew, it says "Eternal Grace for the Immortal Soul" and I will never ask someone who speaks Hebrew if I translated it right because I really do NOT want to know if I didn't. Tattoos are kinda permanent. Sorry, it's red and sore looking because it was red and sore. ;) I had just got it done when the pic was taken.
    6.   I suffer from a bizarre condition called sleep paralysis. When people fall into REM sleep a chemical is released to paralyze them so they don't act out their dreams. Sleep walkers do not always produce this chemical. What happens to people who suffer from sleep paralysis is during this cycle their mind wakes up but they are completely unable to move. Not only that but when in REM sleep your breathing and heart rate is slowed so when you start to panic it feels like you're suffocating. This is on top of the ridiculously vivid hallucinations. This happens to me a lot but the hallucinations fool me almost every time. Hmm, maybe I should make regular blog posts about my freaky and funny (AFTER THE FACT) episodes. ;)
    7.    I've always heard voices. Ever since childhood. At first I figured my stuffed animals were talking to me. We had lovely conversations. Then of course it was ghosts. I heard children calling out for me from outside my window at night. My parents seemed very uncomfortable about these revelations. My childhood friend said it was her coming to visit when she had out-of-body-experiences. (We all be crazy in these here parts!) Then we (mother and I) started to wonder if I just might be picking up radio frequencies. Lol! Finally I went in for a CAT Scan but it was "normal". 0.o Though the doc thought I was far from normal. I was fine with the voices, I was never bored. I've always loved writing but it took until adulthood to realize the voices were simply characters that wanted their story told!

Now that I've TMI'd you guys to death
please don't come after me with
a giant butterfly net!