Friday, February 4, 2011

Hello Blogger People

So...I'm new. I've been rolling the idea of starting a blog around in my mind for quite a while now. But I'm a master procrastinator and a bit of a chicken. I was terrified of the idea of thinking up things to blog about on a regular basis and even more terrified of having people see these things I think up. I've been reading other writer's blogs and they all seem much more knowledgeable than I, have great guest interviews and put on 'epic' contests. I write novels. The cleverness evolves through the fabricated world and lives of my characters. Novels are generally longer than a typical blog post. But, I started to notice I was the ONLY person in the UNIVERSE that didn't have a blog! I felt so ALONE. Here I was, feeling so current being on Twitter, belonging to an on-line writers group, attending WriteOnCon, mastering Facebook...I mean I AM the go-to person for social networking and searching Google in my household (hey, its a house of seven!). But I discovered that I was quite mistaken. So here I am. A blogger. Beginning my writer's platform.