Friday, April 29, 2011

To the WRITE HOPE volunteers, donors & bidders who rock, I salute YOU!

Are we not adorable?! I do believe i prefer myself this way. Our very own talented artist, Luna, drew this as a thank you to all of you who participated and helped us raise a fine chunk of change for the victims of Japan's tsunami.

And what was that fine chunk of change, you may ask?
Well I'll tell ya...
From the auctions...
We raised....
$10,351 !!

Woo! Hoo!!!
But wait! There's more!
That's right, we're not finished.
I mean why stop at $10,351?? Let's go higher!
The very talented Luna will make you your very own Write Hope t-shirt and book mark!

Here's the design. Lovely, right? And you get to choose the colors of the t-shirt and design!
So what are you waiting for?
This is not an auction so you're guaranteed to win!

I want to apologize for being absent on blogger and with my fellow Crusaders.
During the auctions for Write Hope I spent all my allotted Internet time Tweeting about Write Hope and then the chaos of spring came down on me full force and I am just barely coming up for air.
I am sorry Crusaders!

Now, if your a Vampire Diaries fan and haven't seen this weeks episode, turn away now.
Possible *SPOILER* coming up!
I swear to Klaus I will go APE SH** CRAZY and boycott V.D.!!
But I'm serious!
I don't even care that after your sweet, heartfelt moment with Elana, with those sad puppy dog eyes and your totally heart wrenching line, "I can't lose you." you went completely psychotic and forced your blood down her throat.
 Nope, don't care.
 I get it.
Desperate times.
Desperate measures.

♥I'm still Team Damon.♥


  1. The Write Hope thing was amazing!!! Everyone did such a fabulous job!

  2. I agree! I was honored to play my small part. ☺ My critique partners are nothing short of miraculous! Lol!

  3. awesome job raising that much money.

  4. I know:) We're kind of awesome like that. ;) lol!

  5. Excellent job on the fundraising. The art of you guys is fabulous.

  6. @ M Pax, thank you very much. Luna :)

  7. Thank you:) It is quite fabulous. Luna did an excellent job! Like I said, I prefer myself that way. I'm so much cuter as a cartoon! Haha!

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  9. Congrats on the great accomplishment! As for Vampire Diaries, I've read the books, but never watched the show. I guess I should check them out. Come share your favorite blogs! http://writinginwonderland.blogspot.com/